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Photograph of Uranium-bearing rock. Oxidized Uranium minerals are bright yellow.

Uranium Resources and Environmental Investigations


Project Leads

Susan Hall is an economic geologist who leads the effort to estimate if the US has prospective uranium resources adequate to fuel the US nuclear fleet. Contact: Susan Hall View: Profile Page

Katie Walton-Day is a research hydrologist who leads the project task to develop and demonstrate a method to provide an assessment of the potential environmental effects associated with mining undiscovered uranium mineral resources. Contact: Katie Walton-Day View: Profile Page

Project Staff

Mark Mihalasky is a recognized world expert in estimating undiscovered uranium resources and leads the regional mineral resource assessment task of the project. Contact: Mark Mihalasky

Bradley Van Gosen is a research geologist with wide experience and expertise in uranium resources who investigates the geology and resource potential of a variety of uranium and thorium deposit types. Contact: Bradley Van Gosen

Tanya Gallegos is a research engineer working to develop the methodology that will be used to estimate potential environmental impacts of mining uranium.  Contact: Tanya Gallegos

Chris Potter is an expert structural geologist contributing to the development of genetic model for uranium deposits in the southeastern U.S. Contact: Chris Potter

Jane Hammarstrom is a research geologist who guides and facilitates the application of the USGS 3-part undiscovered resources assessments. Contact: Jane Hammarstrom

Paul Pierce is a mining engineer who has worked in uranium mines throughout the Grants Mineral Belt in New Mexico and now advises project staff in development of assessment methodology.  Contact: Paul Pierce

Robert Zielinski is a retired-emeritus research chemist who advises project staff regarding development of uranium deposit models that are used to support resources assessments. Contact: Robert Zielinski View: Profile page

George Breit is a retired-volunteer research geochemist who has extensive experience in the URAVAN uranium mineral belt in the southwestern US and now advises the staff on uranium geochemistry and mineralogy.  Contact: George Breit


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