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North Slope Alaska Gas Hydrate Assessment

Province Code: 5001e

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists have completed the first assessment of the undiscovered, technically recoverable gas-hydrate resources beneath the North Slope of Alaska. This assessment indicates the existence of technically recoverable gas-hydrate resources—that is, resources that can be discovered, developed, and produced using current technology. The assessment is based on the geologic elements used to define a Total Petroleum System (TPS), including hydrocarbon source rocks (source-rock type and maturation and hydrocarbon generation and migration), reservoir rocks (sequence stratigraphy, petrophysical properties, seismic attribute development, and prospecting), and hydrocarbon traps (trap formation and timing). The area assessed in northern Alaska (fig. 1) extends from the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA) on the west through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) on the east and from the Brooks Range northward to the State-Federal offshore boundary (located three miles north of the coastline). This area consists mostly of Federal, State, and Native lands covering about 55,894 mi2 (Read more in Fact Sheet 2008-3073)


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