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IPOD Data Archive: Seismic Line 1, Cape Hatteras to Mid-Atlantic Ridge


The content available here represents an archive of a publication released in 1994 entitled International Phase of Ocean Drilling:  Seismic Line 1 Demultiplexed Data, Cape Hatteras to Mid-Atlantic Ridge (International Phase of Ocean Drilling; Seismic Line 1 Demultiplexed Data, Cape Hatteras to Mid-Atlantic Ridge 1994, Zihlman, F. N.; Abston, C. C.; Taylor, D. J.; Agena, W. F.; Oliver, H. L. USGS Data Series: 13).

Portions of the original publication are not included such as the software executables and scripts because they are obsolete based on today's technologies.  However, remnants and references too these components may still exist in selected documents but should be disregarded.

These data are accessed based on web accessible directories that coorespond to each of the 39 CDROMS the orignial publication was disributed on.  The following folders can be found within each of the CDROM or disk folders:

  • DOC: Contains an overview document describing the IPOD survey and can be accessed here.  This folder and its contents will be the same for all the CDROM folders. 
  • DOCFILES:  Contains various documents that help describe the contents of the original CDROM including the original readme, acknowledgements, and disclaimers among others.  Of particular note is the file entitled DISKXX where XX represents the number of the original CDROM.  This file will describe in detail the contents of the original CDROM.  Most files in this folder are available as the original MS Word document as well as ascii text. 
  • NAV:  Contains the survey navigation data as well as a graphic of the seismic line in PCX format.
  • OBLOGS:  Contains the observation logs in GIF, PCX and TIF format.
  • SEGY:  Contains the demultiplexed seismic data in SGY format.

 Contact Krissy Lewis if you would like additional information.

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