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State Cooperative Agreements

Five-year NCRDS Cooperative Agreement Projects for fiscal years 2010 through 2014

NCRDS Cooperative Agreements provide geologic information that can be used to support energy resource assessments. The following activities meet the requirements for Cooperative Agreements:

  • Collection, entry, or validation of stratigraphic coal data, related chemical and priority GIS data such as outcrop, areas of mining, and other relevant societal or environmental energy-related GIS layers
  • Compilation of coalbed gas occurrences, gas storage potential, produced gas and water chemical attributes, well completion and production data, and geotechnical data related to coal conversion processes
  • Characterization of organic-rich shales (i.e. hydrocarbon-, gas-, kerogen-rich shales), through geophysical or seismic data, and sample collection for generation of thermal maturity data

Progress Reports will be available in Adobe® (.PDF) format. If you do not have Adobe® Acrobat® you can download a free copy of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® here.



Deep Coal Resources of the Pottsville Formation in the Warrior Coal Basin, Alabama


Studies of Coal Resource Data for Alaska: North Slope, Cook Inlet, Healy and Matanuska Area Coal Fields


South Arkanses Lignite Assessment – Gulf Coastal Plain Region


Collection and Verification of Colorado Coal Quality and Coalbed Methane Data 


Management of Illinois Coal Resources Data 


Data Collection, Verification, and Encoding for the National Resources Data System


Compiling Kentucky Coal Information for the National Coal Resources Data System (Kentucky Geological Survey) 


Support Services in Petrographic Analysis of Coal and Flyash Studies (University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research) 


Coal Bed Atlas of Louisiana (Louisiana Geological Survey) 


National Coal Resource Data System North Louisiana Carbonaceous Sediments Natural Gas Data Collection and Geological Assessment Program (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)


Inventory of Tertiary Lignites of the Claiborne, Wilcox, and Midway Groups in Mississippi, and Data Collection Related to Shale Gas and Coal-Bed Methane in Mississippi


Entry of Drill Hole Logs from the Thomas Hill Mine in Macon, Randolph, and Chariton Counties into the National Coal Resources Data System and Compilation of Geologica Maps for Portions of Browns and Worland 7.5 Minute USGS Quadrangles


Compilation and Analysis of Montana Coal Data for Fort Union Region, Bull Mountain Basin and Red Lodge-Big Horn Basin, and Powder River Basin.

New Mexico

Computerization of Point-Source Data and Geographic Information for New Mexico's Coal-Bearing Formations 

North Dakota

Stratigraphic Evaluation and Entry of North Dakota Lignite Data into the National Coal Resources Data System—Southeastern Williston Basin (University of North Dakota)


Capture and Entry into the National Coal Resources Data System of Geological Information on Abandoned Underground Mine Maps, Bridge Core Descriptions including Coal Elevation and Thickness, and Ohio Coal Geochemistry


Oklahoma Coal Resource Appraisal and Computerization through the National Coal Resources Data System


National Coal Resources Data System Data Collection, Database Management, and Resource Analysis in Pennsylvania


Compiling and Digitizing Point-Source Coal Stratigraphic Data and Revising Quadrangle-Scale Coal Reserve Estimates for Tennessee Coal


Texas Gas-Shale Samples for Thermal Maturity Determination


Preparation of Publicly Available Coal Stratigraphic Database for Utah and New Drill-Hole Data from Deep Utah Coal Deposits 


Virginia Energy Resources Studies National Coal Resources Data System Cooperative—Virginia Coal and Gas Resources

West Virginia

Mapping of West Virginia Coal by Quadrangle and Completion of Data Collection for a State-Wide Coal Resource Assessment


Greater Green River Basin Coal and Uranium Occurrence Study 

Joe East
Project Chief

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