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Mallik Project

Mallik well location site (aerial photo)
Aerial photograph of the Mallik well
location site.


The Mallik Research Consortium drilled three test wells in Canada’s Mackenzie Delta, and the results of this cooperative effort, demonstrating the producibility of this energy resource, were published in 2005.

Website: Geological Survey of Canada, Scientific results from the Mallik 2002 gas hydrate production well program - GSC Bulletin 585

An international consortium, including the USGS, the Department of Energy, Canada, Japan, India, Germany, and the energy industry conducted test drilling at a site known as Mallik, in the Mackenzie Delta of the Canadian Arctic. This location was chosen because it has one of the highest concentrations of known gas hydrates in the world.

The partners and participants in the Mallik 2002 Gas Hydrate Production Research Well program were pleased to publicly release the results of the first modern, fully integrated field study and production testing of a natural gas hydrate accumulation: These results and their analyses form the leading scientific and engineering data set for the realization of the energy resource potential of this non-conventional global source of methane gas.

Project Website: Gas Hydrates

Assessment Website:  National Oil and Gas Assessment

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